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Demonstration Steel Structure Hand    (sold)

General Description:

-This piece was made of different pieces of paper and media:

The main support is white paper;
squared paper and figures from magazines;
ink, acrylic paint were used in the more abstract shapes.

-It was featured in the solo exhibition "Pieces of Paper" held in Berlin in August 2018.

This painting is about the structure that I used to see from my window. It was painted as an object of admiration.
Before I did not know why the crowd seemed to be that enthusiastic.
Now some people are standing by themselves around a human hand. I still do not find any meaning in that other than an act of contemplation.

Technical Details:

Support: Paper

Dimensions120 x 46 cm   (47,2x 18 inches)

Weight:  0,2 kg  (0.4 pounds)

(Here, it is only considered the original artwork without framing)

(This artwork has been sold.)

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