Fluorescent | Pedro Amaro - Artist


General Description:


-This piece started with the round object reminescent of a fluorescent tube. From then on it was clear that this work would be about light. It is a space built of different images reflecting and mirroring on each others. 
-As one can see on the back side, it was made of different fragments of paper: thick painted paper; printing paper on which the digitally manipulated shapes were printed; and photo paper.

-It was featured in the solo exhibition "Pieces of Paper" held in Berlin in August 2018.

Technical Details:

Support: Paper

Dimensions115 x 52 cm

Thickness: 0,3 cm   

(it is considered the original artwork without frame)

For questions or inquiries about the price of originals or prints, use the chat button at the corner or send an email to pedroamaroartist@gmail.com.

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