Holes in Bunker | Pedro Amaro - Artist

Holes in a Bunker  (sold)


General Description:

-Living in Berlin, once in a while I come across with bunkers standing out from its environment. I happened to see one on the same exact day I didn't know what to do with those grey pieces of cardboard with grid patterns painted on. The idea of placing a strong element in the center, different of everything around, came from that day.

-The creases and folds were used to explore different textures along the surface. 
-Ink, acrylic paint and a bit of graphite were also applied. 

Technical Details:

Support: Paper

Dimensions142 x 77 cm

Weight: 0,2 kg  (0.4 pounds)

(Here, it is only considered the original artwork without framing)

(This artwork has been sold.)

For questions or inquiries about the price of originals or prints, use the chat button at the corner or send an email to pedroamaroartist@gmail.com.

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