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Light Bulb Diver Structure

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General Description:


-I did not know what the steel structure that I could see from my window was for. Admitting my incomprehension, I decided not to paint it as part of its environment, since that would require me to understand its meaning.

-Instead I painted it as a mysterious, tangled space in which beings could live.

-This work represents a seemingly useless structure that exists but does not support anything. Above it everything is floating independently.

-It was featured in the solo exhibition "Pieces of Paper" held in Berlin in August 2018.

Technical Details:

Support: Paper glued on MDF board

Dimensions73,6 x 103,6 cm  (29 x 40,8 inches) 

Thickness: 3 cm   (1.2 inches)

Weight: 4 kg   (8.8 pounds)

(Here, it is considered the original framed artwork)

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