collage, ink and spray paint on cardboard and dried glue

75 x 96 cm (not framed)

I do not know how to name this one. This composition produced many images in my head that I could not organize.
First of all, there is this "below and an above" feeling that would suggest polarities like good/bad, surface/depth, worldly/spiritual or earth/sky. No wonder this duality had always existed in art, probably had its peak in baroque religious painting and made it to Rothko's.
At the bottom there is also those strings emerging to reach the solid black. I see it as something/somebody weak but focused on getting to a place where it can finally blossom. Or it can be something less poetic like some underground infrastructure coming to the surface. This collage actually started from something much bigger and complex, I was considering using many more materials and colours. It was the opposite of what usually happens: avoiding minimalism, I always like to mess up a bit with things adding some confusion and fragmentation. However, in this one, suddenly, things started to get boiled down and ended up following this basic and impersonal composition. Is this good or bad?

Abstract Composition