Collage, acrylic paint and sand on paper

120 x 60 cm (not framed)

The painting took shape while recalling the famous Belgrade ruin of Yugoslav Ministry of Defence. Despite the real building being broken apart, the black silhouette was painted as in one piece letting the several nuances in the contour and texture to express its fragmented condition. Its symmetry makes also clear that there is a structure behind and avoids the shape to look accidental. 

However, taking a second look at this, I do not know if one can say that the black figure is the object or the main theme of this work, because the white area does not look that much as a background, but rather part of the whole construction. Both are the object in itself and the roughness of one expands into the other. It happens that in my work the collage is, at the same time, support, technique and object. I realized that the black form is just a reminder of that initial inspiration.