Collage, acrylic paint and ink on paper

129 cm x 60 cm (not framed)

As most of my art works, this one gathers different pieces made on different occasions of my life. Finding some sort of coherence in a patchwork is always what I strive for. The central panel was part of a live painting performance in Berlin where only black was used. It was a very spontaneous act of which we can still see traces of. Years after, I looked at this piece of paper, hanged in my studio, this time, in a total different mood. Around that fragmented center, orthogonal and straight elements were added. I felt like I was rebuilding that old performance rather than creating something out of its memory.
Employing all that Crepe paper inhabited by few minimal Polygons can be seen as an effort to frame and control that spontaneity that is not so representative of myself.

Falling House