Collage, MIxed media

69 cm x 95.5 cm (not framed)

I use to name my paintings based on what they first started to be and a test tube was the first  figurative  element  coming up. As usual several other things and materials were brought in but the test tube remained as a symbol of isolation from an outer world.

"Isolation" became then the trigger word. I started to like how unconnected clashy movements compose this still life while the background and space is equally unclear. The green stream coming from upper left corner has no continuity, it is rather replaced by a radial structure of black strokes. The dome at the centre contains an uncertain blue shape that sort of overflows and produces a black stain underneath. At the bottom part, a rhythm of thin lines cross the painting but nothing echoes.

In this piece it was used Acrylic and oil paint and some collages such as the black shape at the top. Several papers were also used as support: thick glossy paper, printing paper and tissue paper all glued together resulting in this patch work.

Liquid Test Tube