Paper collage, spray paint and acrylic on cardboard

132 x 117 cm (not framed)

It started when I was staring at a collage I considered done but I had never really liked it. Thinking about it I decided to build something new from it. I kept the print of the hand as the main theme of the work and use it as figurative elements that humanizes the abstract shapes around it. On the other side of the studio, there was an unfolded shoe box glued on a sheet of cardboard. Boxes, when unfolded, had once in a while called my attention by its symmetry, and its sense of structure.

Its natural configuration, four flaps unfolding from a central rectangle, suggested, to me, a radial composition that could give me some hints on how to keep going with this. Something pushed me to extend the surface of work and add some abstract surroundings. The picture of the hand stepped in, and plays as a sort of trigger of the connection between the centre where it lays and the margins made from abstract collages.

Things get hard to explain from here and it was already hard to pin point the important ideas that drove me along the way. This work follows the same pattern of many other past experiments: once the main concepts are settled down, I open up my self to a less rational process where things get mixed up, confused and sometimes contradictory to the ideas I just engaged myself in. Why there is one finger missing? Why triangles? Why there is an upside down portrait? In many answers I can think of, no one stood out as the definitive one.

Reaching Hand