"3 Levels"   172  x 60 cm

Why black and white?

when I am not depicting an object directly, I like to use  black and white. It suggests it is about an intangible and abstract idea.
The Black and white does not come across the normal spectrum of colors we are used to. i feel it is an omnipotent presence and a reality by itself.

That is an illustration of the mental process. When forming an opinion about anything, it is hard to formulate a balanced and human opinion straight away. We first settle extreme and unrealistic poles as a way to anchor our thoughts. The “humanization” of those ideas comes only after finding the sweet spot between them. 
Black and white are those two opposite extremes.

So I like to make that balance visible, it gives me a good feeling of control over the painting.

"Backyard Construction Feedback"   .Collage, acrylic paint and ink .on paper .118 x 51 cm
"Stains Photography"   .Collage, acrylic paint and ink .on MDF board .61 x 76 cm

- I did not know what that abandoned steel structure I could see from my window was for. 
- Admitting my incomprehension, I did not paint it as part of its environment, since that would require me to understand its meaning. 
- Instead, I pictured it as a mysterious, tangled space in which beings could live in. 
- It is about a structure that exists but does not support anything. 

This Construction is made of 3 different works. The painting at the bottom constitutes a triangle ( with a light bulb on top).

The central one, thought several layers of paper and paint leaves two independent shapes floating in the center.

The top one is the purest one. synthesizes  the formal structure which keeps the 3 levels together. 
Once the formal stability is assured, every level is free to represent whatever one feels like.

"Light Bulb Diver Structure"  .Collage, acrylic paint and ink .on paper and MDF board .142 x 77 cm

Despite of starting form an exterior object, what moves this pieces is a formal concept.

The rhythm and composition is created mostly by the several sorts of paper.
while the central grey shape is stuck in the center, the creases and folds were used to explore more dynamic textures along the surroundings.

Sometimes collage is both the support and the medium.   

Demonstration Steel Structure Hand   .Collage, acrylic paint and ink .on paper .120 x 46 cm

The abstract shape of the left side is an object of
admiration. So the human hand at the right. Some people are standing by themselves around them both. I still do not find any meaning other than an act of contemplation.

I also paint two times the same subject. Then I glued them together.

This work was supposed to have a more centralized composition and wouldn't be thin and long. Some ideas about hikers, paths, maps started to be sketched. But then things changed.

Artistic CV


Pieces of Paper - solo painting exhibition
in ORI GALERIE, Berlin

Visual Arts Contest Finalist 2015

Live painting in the exhibition VERAMUSEMENT


Häst - audio-visual Performance, in collaboration with Linea

...Sometimes I cut them apart, and each half has its own destiny.

academic path


09.2009 - 11.2014

Master's Degree in Architecture at ISCTE Lisbon University InstituteThesis: "The Visual Arts, As Architecture"


09.2006 - 06.2009
Visual Arts
Padre Alberto Neto School - Lisbon

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