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Updated: Nov 24, 2018

I was born in Lisbon and most of what I remember of my childhood is trying to draw animals or characters I came across in books or television. I did not have any knowledge about techniques or art philosophies, just enjoyed doing it. Years later I started my architecture studies in college. I use to think it was there I started my introspection, finding connection between art and other aspects of my life and considering different points of view. So studying architecture taught me how to paint in a different way. Instead of seating in front of an easel with only myself and I, I wander around my studio collecting information and clues about something I could build. Like a construction, I try to find a structure that binds all those fragments together. It starts usually with a piece of paper, often an already existing, unfinished drawing or collage stumbled upon. Parts of one work are cut and added onto another. Therefore, there is no original format or orientation to dictate any conditions. If something is incomplete, I glue in additional surfaces. So the painting grows as more and more elements are added. It is hard to know how big the next piece is going to become. Then, I found that horizontal compositions make the eye travel easier across the surfaces and to notice the chain of different materials. I am now living and working in Berlin and being settled here is giving me the chance to move forward to larger scaled projects. I am now becoming more methodical and less experimental. My working process is slower and more conscious, I am taking notes of recent and future steps of each art piece. It is time for me to integrate what I have learnt during the past years.

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