Theatre - 125 x 49 cm - March 2018

What are you trying to communicate with your work?

I have always been quite introverted, so communication is not so much what I aim for. What I remember from my childhood is trying to draw things I came across in books or on television. I did not have any knowledge, I just enjoyed doing it. Once in high school I got to know theories about composition, color, and dynamics. At that time I also started to read my first art history books by myself. And during my architecture course in university I used art as a way to forget the stiffness of traditional architectural representations. 

With that said, art always has worked as something I do for myself, to understand how my mind works and how to follow an instinct or idea. In my early twenties I even started to get worried about that topic. Everybody is talking about the social role of an artist or art as an eye-opener.

Today, as a painter I still cannot think in those terms. Communicating anything but vague impressions through an image is something highly complex for several reasons. In our culture and education, we do not have enough common iconographic or iconological vocabulary. That seems to possibly lead to misunderstandings when an artist, curator or historian tries to describe an artistic piece. At some point, one has to be helped by something external in order to understand a painting. For instance, very frequently, literature provides cultural foundations without which a painting scene could not be understood. Painting by itself has very low capacity of communicating.


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